Creating History


Sitar Player || Founder of the Global Musical Phenomenon SITAR-METAL || Indian Classical Musician || World's first Metal Sitar Player
  •  Mentioned as the 'Sun of Indian Classical and Metal music' by The North-East Today Newspaper/magazine 2016.
  • Rishabh Seen is one of the rare Indian Classical Musicians to get an Official VEVO certified VEVO Music channel, now on YouTube as RishabhSeenVEVO
  •  Rishabh Seen's debut solo Sitar-Metal song 'It All Ends Here' made it's debut on #98 spot on iTunes Top 200 songs of all genres in India in December 2017.
  •  Listed as 1 of the 10 leading Innovators and entrepreneurs of 2015 from India by SchoopWhoop-Buzzfeed.
  • Rishabh Seen was handpicked by the legendary playback singer Arijit Singh to perform and tour with his band.Rishabh Seen currently performs and tours with the Arijit Singh Live Collective.
  • Awarded the 'B-High' Artist Grade by All India Radio (Govt. Of India) in 2016.
  • World's first & Only Sitar Player to endorse an Amplifier Brand : LANEY Amplifications.
  •  Youngest Sitar player to deliver 4 TEDx Talks and performances.
  • Recognised and praised by Legends like Pt. Manu Seen,James Hatfield (Metallica),Steven Wilson,Tosin Abasi,Ustad Shahid Parvez,Guthrie Govan,Bryan Beller and many more legends.
  • Apart from touring Singapore (2015) , South Africa (2017) , Nepal (2016), and Japan (2012) for a series of Indian Classical Concerts,Rishabh has Performed and Headlined some of the biggest Indian Music Festivals like : Harivallabh Music Festival (Punjab),Heartwork Tattoo Festival (Pune & New Delhi),IIT Delhi's Rendezvous,Abomination Chapter V (Kolkata),Echoes Of Earth Music Festival (Bangalore), Alt & Pepper Festival (Kerala) and TangalWood Music Festival (Nepal) to name a few.
  • Regular Music releases and reviews from some of the biggest Rock/Metal Magazines and webzines like - Metal Injection,Loudwire,GearGods,Metal Sucks,Blabbermouth and iHeart Radio.
  •  Co-Founder and Director of MOKSHA Concerts,founded in early 2017,organizing monthly Indian Classical Concerts in Punjab and an Annual Music Festival to promote and preserve young Talent in the field of Hindustani Music.
  • Founder/Composer/Frontman of world's first Sitar Fronted Indian Classical - Progressive Metal band 'MUTE THE SAINT' founded in Late 2015.Debut Album 'Mute The Saint' is out now Worldwide via all Major Digital Stores and Physically available on orders, worldwide.

Creating history on many fronts,Rishabh Seen has not only established himself as one of the best and most interesting Sitar players of the modern era,but also a very forward thinking musician and composer.

Traditionally rooted and equipped with the subtle musical nuances of the 'Etawah Gharana' of Sitar Playing,Rishabh is the Third Generation of musician from his family, his grandfather Ustad Lakshman Seen is a President-awardee Tabla virtuoso and his Father Pandit Manu Seen is a Sitar Maestro who has been one of the rare musicians to be awarded the Top-Grade by the Govt. Of India.

Since the past decade, Rishabh has continuously and extensively toured throughout India in Cities like Delhi,Bangalore,Kolkata, Bombay,Pune,Kerala,Jaipur,Hyderabad and Himachal Pradesh and Abroad like Japan,Singapore and Nepal and has performed in the biggest Indian music Festivals in India like The 'Echoes of Earth Music Festival (Bangalore),Tansen Music Festival' , Alt & pepper Music Festival in Kerala, Tangalwood Music Festival in Nepal, Harivallabh Music festival in Punjab and has Toured Singapore and Japan for a series of Music concert and workshops.

Rishabh's music and playing has been well praised by Legends like Guthrie Govan, Marco Minneman, Bryan Beller,Kathak Dancer Pt.Birju Maharaj,Mercury Prize winner Precussionist Talvin Singh, Sitar Player - Niladri Kumar , Pop Singer - Bif Naked and More.

Today He is being globally recoganised as the first ever Sitar player to Bridge Indian and Metal music,after he founded 'Mute The Saint' which is the world's first Indian Classical - Progressive Metal band and also successfully covered some of the finest Metal bands of All time like Animals As Leaders and Meshugah,periphery on a Sitar.His covers went viral and were picked up by IBN7 Live India,Loudwire, RollingStoneIndia,NME,Metal Injection and many more global web-portals and magazines,and has been highly praised.With over a Million Hits on his 5 cover videos,World famous Metal bands like Periphery,Meshuggah,Animals As Leaders,Black Crown Initiate and Betraying The Martyrs , The Aristocrats have all praised and supported Rishabh's effort and vision for Bridging Indian Classical and Metal Music.

Rishabh's band 'Mute The Saint',released their debut album on 1st December 2016 via Metal Injection and is Digitally And Physically available worldwide.

Rishabh's playing and efforts have been increasingly inspiring and sparking the youth's interest in their culture and traditional music and instruments.Rishabh has established himself as one of the youngest and the most promising musicians from India who promises to make sure that his musicianship,Vision and efforts shall never meet any limits.